Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hive 8: October Blocks for Amanda

Hi all! I'm Amanda and this is my first year in the Bee! 

I live in Alexandria, VA with my husband and Peyton, our loving boxer-mix. I have been quilting for probably six or so years.  Fun fact: my mom and sister are also quilters and in the Stash Bee, too!

It was hard for me to decide on the block for my month, but I've finally settled on Sailing Ships.

Feel free to use solids, prints, batiks, or anything else that will work for your block! 
As for the colors, please use the following guidelines:
Brown or tan for the boat
White, white-on-white, or a print that is primarily white for the sails
*Lighter blue for the sky
*Darker blue for the water

*When choosing blues for the sky and water, just make sure the contrast is good between the two-- a medium shade for the water with a pale blue for the sky or a deep blue for the water with a more medium shade for the sky will both work just fine!

Question of the month: Why did you start quilting or who inspired you to start quilting?

My mother has been quilting as far back as I can remember. My sister and I were always encouraged to be crafty--scrapbooking, making jewelry, etc--but I didn't really start quilting until I was in college.  While in a quilt shop with my mom, I found a fabric I thought would be perfect for the border on a quilt I had just seen in one of my mom's Quiltmaker magazines. I made that quilt and have been quilting ever since!

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