Thursday, October 22, 2015

October Block for Lyssa - a Bookshelf Block!

Hi everyone! This is Bev from from 44th Street Fabric blog! Here is my October block for Lyssa and, as always, I hope she can use it in her bookshelf quilt!
Lyssa asked us where we would take her if she visited our City. I live in Oklahoma City and I would have to take you to the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Here is my favorite statue which is a life size marble carving of an exhausted Indian and his exhausted pony.  
Growing up in Oklahoma, I am very aware of the history of the Native American people who were forced to relocate to this state because of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Sadly, many died during the arduous journey during the bitter winter that has been named the Trail of Tears. Even after this forced relocation, the American government continued to violate treaties and  drove them onto small reservations. This action nearly wiped out the Native American population. I pray that actions like this against a group of people will never occur again in our country. A visit to the Cowboy Hall of Fame includes history and artifacts from before our state's formation when it was known as Indian Territory. Although it is not a light, fun subject, it is important to learn lessons from the past so we don't repeat them.


Granny Maud's Girl said...

That is one of my favourite bookshelf blocks ever.
Something named the Cowboy Hall of Fame did not appeal, until you explained it. Now I understand why it should and would be on my list if I ever make it to Oklahoma.

Cyndi said...

Hi from Hive 5 I just wanted to tell you that block you made is gorgeous. Very Nice.!!!