Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hive 5 - February Blocks - Quilt Top

Hey Hivemates!

I just wanted to show you what your help with my blocks way back in February created!  I made a few extra blocks myself using some of the extra fabric strings a few of you included and have finished the quilt top.

I love how well all the various fabrics came together!  I spent a while moving all the squares around on the floor (and probably way over-analyzing things!) and think it all turned out really balanced.

Since these photos, I've torn all the papers off the back.  Boy - is that a process!  I have also purchased the fabric for the backing but haven't gotten a chance to quilt it yet.  I'll share more photos once I do but I wanted to at least share it in its current form so everyone could see how the blocks came together.

Thanks again for your help with it!

Ties That Bind Quilting


Cyndi said...

It is gorgeous love seeing the quilts put together.

Unknown said...

This looks awesome!