Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hive 6 : October 2015 : Wildy Liberated Star

Kate asked us to make wildly liberated stars.  It was hard for me to let go and just do it. My month's block was a wonky star and I was unconsciously was piecing to fit that look. I ended up watching TV to slightly distract myself while I pieced.  I think it worked out.  As you can see the left one is SUPER liberated and the right less liberated. I've included both because this technique is new to me & I'm not totally confident in the results.

This is my first improv block & I enjoyed it once I got out of my own dang way.  I plan to do some more improv blocks in different shapes.

I think my fave piecing technique is starching. I had so many problems cutting neatly & distorting fabric until I learned to starch the crap out of it. My current actual hated technique is due to living space constraints. I have no where big to lay out a quilt to make a quilt sandwich. So when I'm all done with my quilt top I end up scowling because I need to find space to sandwich.  I end up renting space at a local sewing studio which has a queen size table. I love using their table because it's at a perfect height and you can pin on it without damaging the surface. However I really taking public transit while carrying parts of the quilt and the finished sandwich. Imagine getting on and off two busses with a rolled up queen size quilt. It's not fun.  I'm moving within the next 6 months and I'm hoping to find a place that has more space.

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