Monday, October 19, 2015

Hive 9 October Block for Rose

October Block for Rose Hive 9

    Our Queen,  Rose asked us to make this awesome star bock!  I really love how it looks!  It has  a few parts, but it can be chain pieced and goes together nicely.  I think this would make a beautiful Christmas quilt and it's been put on the bucket list.
Here is your block: 

Rose wanted to know if we had always been quilters or joined in later.  I joined in later.  I learned to sew when I was 24.  I sewed for myself at first and then for my boys when they were little.  Clothes and costumes and stuff. Then I just stopped for around 20 years ( stop doing the math).  One day I was bored and cruising the internet, and came across the most beautiful modern quilts and decided to learn.   I learned everything online through the many fantastic Blogs and video tutorials.  Then I started joining Bees and BOM's.   That was almost 4 yrs ago and I sew almost daily.  I love it!
Thanks for the great block Rose!


Rose Braun said...

Wow! Love your block. It looks great!
Yes, I agree, this would make a great Christmas quilt.
Thanks so much.

Rose Braun said...

I received your block today. Wow! Love all your fabrics, just beautiful. Thanks so very much!