Monday, October 12, 2015

Hive 6 October Blocks for Kate

Y'all, this one was kinda scary!  I've had bee friends beating it into me for nearly 6 years to" cut precisely!" and "sew a quarter-inch seam!" and "nest your seams!" and "don't lose your points!"

So, to make these blocks, I had to turn off those voices in my head and just be free!

I used scraps for the star points, but kept a color theme for each block.  The first star I made was the blue and yellow one, and I had to reverse sew a few times.  Then I made the purple and orange one, which sewed together a little more smoothly based on some observations I had while making the first block.  That said, I think I like the first block (blue & yellow) the best!  Just goes to show that with improv you shouldn't plan hardly at all!

Kate asked what our most and least favorite piecing or quilting techniques are, and I really enjoy paper piecing but haven't had the opportunity to do much of it.  I've done a bit of machine applique which was fun, but I'm terrible at hand applique and aim to keep it that way!

The Easy Quilter

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