Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Block for Rose

Between the photo catching light in odd ways, and the different backgrounds this rendition of Rose's chosen block takes on an interesting three dimensional quality, but only in the photo. This was a challenging block with the cutting almost taking longer than the sewing. Definitely one that works best in a quiet, orderly environment.

Rose's question was about when we came to quilting. I learned to sew at an early age, but focused on clothing. Almost all of my clothes were home made, and I enjoyed working with my mother hunting down fabric bargains, and fashioning attractive garments. At some point the economics of ready made versus home made shifted, and I clearly remember standing in a store as a young adult, admiring a dress, and realizing that the fabric to make a copy would cost more than the price of the dress on the rack. When I stopped sewing most of my clothes I found I missed sewing, and that was when I took up quilting.These days quilting provides both relaxation and a creative outlet.


Rose Braun said...

Wow! Your block looks great! I love it. Thanks so much. it is beautiful.
I agree, quilting is my relaxing time of day.

Rose Braun said...

Hi Jacki,

I just received your block and it looks great! Thanks
so very much. I love the extra fabrics, they are just
perfect. I can't wait to put the blocks all together.