Friday, October 2, 2015

Hive 3 October Tutorial

Hello busy bees of Hive 3!

I'm Bianca, and I hail from Toronto, Canada.  
I have been a sewer and maker pretty much all my life, with making clothes and knitting being my longest standing hobbies.  I have only just within the last year and a half (after my son's birth) gotten into quilting.  I find it easy to work on in bits and pieces, and I love that I can keep my work off the floor and away from the Bean's little grabby hands!

I have chosen the Ripples block from the Beehive Quilts series by Angie from

The colours I would like are bright oranges and yellows, light and medium teal or aqua blues with a navy background fabric (scrappy is fine).   

For cutting, please follow the picture below.  I cut two extra 3.5" squares, for a total of 14, both background and other colours ( the tutorial has 12)  because I want the corners to be scrappy.  If you decide to cut the two extra squares, I would really appreciate if you would send me the extra HST, as I will be making quite a few extra blocks for this quilt.   

Or 6 lt blue & 4 med blue


My question: What are your favourite things to watch while quilting?  We are getting both a TV and a Netflix subscription for Christmas, after not having TV for almost three years, so I'm planning my must watch list already!

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