Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Block for Hive 8 - Circle of Friends

This one challenged me.  It came together quickly once I had the pieces cut, but I must have been having a stupid day when I did the cutting.  I cut things the wrong size, trimmed on the wrong ends, and had too many of some pieces and not enough of others.  I don't know what was wrong with me, because the tutorial listed all of the pieces and quantities very clearly.  I thought I had finally got them all cut nicely and put in order last night, to make sewing go quickly tonight.  Ha.  Even after recounting the pieces last night, and putting them in order, I was one rectagle short.  And it took two tries to cut one to the right size.

Anyway, here is the block.  It was fun picking out eight different colors.  I hope it works well in your quilt Lisa!  I will get it in the mail tomorrow.

Edited - apparently my challenges didn't end with the posting of the block.  The picture disappeared.  Trying again.


Lisa J. said...

Yay, the picture is now here and the block looks great!

Puppilalla said...

Nice one =)

June D said...

Well, looks great! Thanks for the tips in making though - will probably help me out a lot!