Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gina's May hive 3 🐝 block

Whew! Although simple in concept, this block was a time burner... I'm glad I was able to use all scraps on this guy. I had planned on making two blocks, so there wouldn't be duplicate fabrics but after the third hour I decided one would have to do. I'm sending along all the extra HST I cut for to make another block. I hope that they find their use in Wales. Happy quilting Gina! 💕


Ps: if you look closely, there's fabric by one of our hive mates,  @doohickeydesigns ! 

All pressed open...

I'll get it in to the post office tomorrow! 


June D said...

Lovely fabric choices! What a nice selection you have!

Gina said...

thank you, it looks lovely. I'm sorry it took you so long I was hoping it work out as an easy ( ish) block xxx

Puppilalla said...

The block turned out beautifully