Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hive 9, May Tutorial

I love making all the lovely blocks everyone picks when they are the Queen!  But it is so hard to pick when it is my turn!  I think this month is a winner - I have wanted to make a Granny Square for a very long time!  I added an extra row to make it nice and big, too!

You will need 5 fabrics.  The outside row is white, not LV or tone on tone, just plain old white!  Choose one fabric for each of the 4 other rows.  
Please use very saturated colors.  Contrast between each row is necessary but I would like the rows to coordinate.  I don't want a scrappy look.  Please do NOT use batiks, novelties or licensed prints and please don't use black, brown, cream.  Just nice, bright colors!

Cut the following 2.5 inch squares:
1 of block 1
4 of block 2
9 of block 3
12 of block 4 
16 of block 5

I like to lay it out on a surface.  My board is a little small but you get the idea.

Your first row is a single white block 5.  The next row is 5-4-5, third row is 5-4-3-4-5,
fourth is 5-4-3-2-3-4-5 and so on.  Press each row the same way and alternate with the adjacent block so you can neatly nest the blocks and have sweet corners.  

Finish pressing all the seams in the same direction from the middle outward.

Please don't trim the finished block - I will do that!  

Thanks for your work - I am looking forward to seeing what you make!

Debbie Grosskopf

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