Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Hive 6 finish

Back in March Hive 6 ladies were challenged with the task of adding blocks to the quilt that would become my husband's / our bed quilt and the block was a little tricky but everyone did a great job and really came through for me. Not to mention some very generous donations of purple scraps to help make this huge quilt. 

Here was the initial challenge block (some of you may still be having nightmares about it). 
After all the hive blocks arrived I had 35 with the few extras that I had already been making, so I set out to complete the others. 
I originally thought that meant 21 more but in the end i ended up making 29 more for a 64 block layout. Yep -- that makes an 8 foot square quilt and Here they are all assembled into a top and ready for quilting.
I may have had to get the selfie stick out for this photo and perch myself on the ledge in our stair well. 

I made the choice to send this one to the long armer because I know it's going to be around for a while. This is only the 2nd quilt I have ever sent out and I choose to go with Charlene @The Cotton Farm Fabrics because she's great and it just so happened that she was doing an awesome discount this month. 

Due to it's huge nature, when it got home I took a couple of photos of it on my bed (prebinding turn) to see how it was going to look. This quilt has an overhang of 18 inches on each side and at the foot and a generous turn down at the top. 
You know who made himself right at home -- surveying his newest quilt and making sure it meets his delicate needs. 

Hive mates really came through for me this year -- your guys pulled it together even though the blocks were a little bit of a challenge. (My tip for bee blocks that are paper pieced -- make sure printing is set at 100% and not fit to page, this cleared up several issues a few people had right away.) 

Now that it's finished it was time for fun pictures outdoors. 

My husband now has a quilt of his own that's not worn out and is well made -- and since the hive mates made these blocks for him, it's like he is sleeping with a whole bunch of quilters. 


Sherry said...

WOW! That is a LOT of purple! I would love it, but my DH not so much. LOL

Congratulations on getting such a large undertaking done and finished in such a short time period.

Cheryl said...

That last sentence made me laugh! It looks lovely, and my wonky block just blends right in.

Cyndi said...

WQW what a great job and Congratulations on your finish. Always feels good when you get one all done. Absolutely love those purples and grey goes with everything.

Kim V said...

Very beautiful, and two of my favorite colors. I'm sorry to say I did not contribute to your quilt but this block is now on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing.

Emily said...

That is absolutely stunning!!!!! And now I'm giggling thinking about your husband sleeping with all those quilters :)

Karen said...

This is just amazing! Awesome finish and awesome choice for a bee quilt! I feel so special (??) to be one of those quilters in there somewhere. And your orange cat looks like he picked out the colors just so he would look good on the quilt. Great job!!

Puppilalla said...

Wow indeed! Your husband is very lucky to have received such a generous gift that got finished in record time too. Very inspiring indeed. I love the sentence about having perched on the ledge of your stairwell in order to manage a picture :)

Unknown said...

Wow! your quilt is AWESOME! and it's a real discovery for me, because ive seen this block here and there on the internet and didn't like it that much. But that's because i never saw (or didn't realise I did) pictures of multiple blocks together. And it's stunning! I sure will put it on my to do list.