Monday, May 30, 2016

Crashing HIves

I have crashed a few more Hives this month and figured I had better get them posted and be ready for June's Blocks. Can't wait to see them.

I have one for Gina of Hive 3. I didn't have a repeat in the block because I love scrappy. So I will send along the extras for you to use in another block.

Then I have one for Rose of Hive 4. Love the block but was a little nervous about that 1 inch middle, but I was pleased with the outcome:

Lastly I have a block to send to Lisa of Hive 8. Very easy and loved picking out bright material.

I will get these in the mail in the day or so.

Cyndi (hive7)


Rose Braun said...

Cyndi, love your blue star, thanks so much for your crash. Your blocks all look great.

Lisa J. said...

So glad you crashed my block as well. It looks awesome.

Gina said...

THank you so much. I'm glad you decided my block was worth crashing for xx

Rose Braun said...

Cyndi, I received your block today. Love the text prints. It is wonderful. Thanks so much.