Monday, May 9, 2016

Hive 5 Block for Erin

Hey All, this is Audrey. I'm delivering a Christmas tree in May! (But this particular one is for Erin. Try not to be too jealous.)


Jane Holbrook said...

What a cute block.

Unknown said...

Audrey, It arrived! I love it! That polka dot border is SO cute!! You have some really great greens! I'm a bit of a fabric addict and I stalk fabric lines like a bad habit... lol... all that being said, I haven't seen any of your greens before which means I am so excited for your stash! Let's be besties and share all of our fabric 50/50! Lol! Seriously though, gorgeous block! Thank you so much for your gorgeous choices! :) I'm sending a little surprise your way in the mail :) Thanks again! :) xoxo-Erin