Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hive 9 - May Block

Here is my May block for Debbie!  I may have been a little late last month but I figured I'd go right ahead and finish my Stash Bee sewing early this month.

Debbie asked for a Granny Square block which I have actually never made before.  Here's mine!

I chose the wildflower bouquet print first and then pulled from the colors in it's design to select my other fabrics.  I hope it gives you the coordinated look you're hoping for while still giving plenty of contrast between rows.  Enjoy!

Edited to Add: I just noticed a fly landed on the block when I took the picture!  I won't send him along - I promise!


Puppilalla said...

Wow, you were fast. Nice block. I like the colour choices.

mumziepooh said...

Pretty! Thank you! (and I wouldn't even notice the fly with all the bugs in Houston!)

mumziepooh said...

OH - BTW - that is the perfect way to make this block - find something you love and build around it!

You are so speedy!

mumziepooh said...

I received your block this week-thank you!!!