Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hive 3 July Blocks

Loved these blocks!  Once I got the rhythm it was super fast!  It fed my "improv" with being a little structured!

Of course, I spaced and tore the paper off before re-reading the directions. So sorry but they are stable I promise!  In fact,  I didn't have newsprint, I used tracing paper which actually worked quite well!  Lookng forward to doing more!

About machines,  well, I am a Bernina girl dating back to 1989.  Then I was ready to upgrade to a dependable machine ( the 1973 Singer from Sears wouldn't cut it anymore).  So I totally splurged on a Bernina 1030 - the top of the line mechanical at the time - I couldn't afford the computerized one.  Well, it's still my machine.  I piece, sew, quilt, fmq, everything on it.  But because I have a Bernina fetish, I also have a Bernina Sport 801, 830, 930 and a 1949 Featherweight (which I had to have '"cause everyone was raving about it" and I found a good one on craigslist).  I also bought a Janome coverstitch because my Bernina 344DS serger doesn't do one and I hem alot of things for short friends and their short families lol! But I am not a fan of the Janome but I use it anyway when I need a straight stretch stitch. Oh and I also have a green retro Singer from the 60's which a short yoga teacher gave me as a trade to hem a tshirt for her.

As you can see, I still don't own a computerized machine and will probably keep it that way.  
I love everything about my machines mostly because I don't know what features I am missing.  I absolutely need a knee lift and a good walking foot and my #5 foot and zipper foot.  

However, I would love someone to "pimp my stitch" and extend the bed of my machine 10 inches but leave everything else the same!

Happy sewing!


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SewLiab said...

I love them Bonnie :) thanks so much! Honestly, I don't think you're missing all that much from the computerized end...looks like you are indeed a Bernina girl :p