Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July Block Hive 3

I really liked making these blocks for Martina this month.  I went a little crazy cutting strips-I have an enormous pile of scraps, all sorted by colors so I just sat and watched tv and cut strips.  I guess I have a nice start on some for me - I am definitely going to make these again!

She asked what machine we worked our magic on.  I have the same machine as you, actually, a Janome 8900.  I also have a 3160 to take to classes as the 8900 is big and heavy.  The feature that sold me was that I have never encountered anything that it can't sew through!  The thing I don't like is that, when using the autocut feature at the end of a seam, it causes the thread to nest up on the bottom of the beginning of the next seam.  It doesn't usually matter since I normally use a leeader, but I make lots of bags and it can definitely be a bother there!  What machine is my dream?  I think I have it!  Some day, I may splurge on a long arm but I am just a huge Janome fan and have been for so long - got my first when they were New Home in 1985.  Bernina makes a wonderful machine but I can't justify the expense.

These will be in the mail tomorrow!


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SewCroom said...

Love the blocks :) thank you! Yes, the autocutter nesting - I know exactly what you mean! -M