Monday, July 20, 2015

Hive 1 Bee Block for Sarah

July queen is Sarah in Hive 1 and she requested woven blocks -- these are super cute in the end and have me thinking about adding it to my to do list with a random jelly roll that my Mother in Law gave me last year (it's a mini one with only 20 strips). So here's the block that will be wisking off to Sarah later this week. 
Sarah also asked about UFO's -- I have to say that I don't keep many things going at the same time because then I seem to really get nothing done but I usually have several projects that are waiting to be started as soon as something else is getting close to be being finished. Currently I have 5 things going and another 5 things that are bundles of fabric with patterns waiting with them. My oldest UFO currently is a medallion quilt that needs rebasting and quilting or a trip to the long armer -- since the last time I tried quilting it I ended up with a sprained tendon in my hand. 

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