Friday, July 31, 2015

Hive 3 May block

Hi Ladies of hive 3, it's Bianca here,

First I apologize for not being involved on the blog side of things.  There was a bit there that I had no Internet and then no computer and a dead phone, followed by a bit of procrastinating.  (Sorry again)

I figured I'd post my May & June blocks, though they've long since arrived at their homes.

First up,  May's churn dash for Jennifer.

Jennifer asked where we do most of our sewing.   Right now, and until we renovate the spare bedroom, that's where I sew.  I love it because it's spacious and has plenty of natural light.  Soon enough, I will be moving back to my regular crafty room, which is a somewhat cramped crawl space.  I'm hoping when we have our second child it'll be another bow and that way I can have the nursery!

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