Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July block for Karyn- Hive 8

Bookcase block for Karyn

This was such a fun block to make.  I have it on my to do list, but heaven only knows when I'll get around to working on it.  Thank you for the gentle push to get me to build at least one of these blocks.

I hope this block is what you had in mind.  I just love to have tiny figurines on my bookshelves and this quilting angel looks to me like she fits right in here.  Hopefully this block meets with your approval and feel free to disassemble as needed.

Sorry about the lack of a cropped photo.  Technical difficulties with my brain. The block is hanging over a painting in my breakfast nook.  The block does not have a frame.

You asked about our favorite tool.  Well, I love making flying geese and usually use a method by Eleanor Burns.  The older style rulers were smaller and were difficult to keep properly oriented. She has just come out with a new cutting ruler called Calling All Geese.  This new ruler is super simple to use and the geese are all perfectly cut.  Love, love my new flying geese ruler.

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Karyn said...

Why would I disassemble such an awesome block? Love it!! Love all the different bits of personality in my bookcase! Thank you!