Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July Hive 7 Blocks

I made these blocks a couple of years ago, so I was excited to revisit these birds.  Mary asked for some personalization so it was a little different this time around.  I actually made 2 blocks again because I realized my first one didn't meet her request for bright, large scale printed wings.  So, without further ado ...

First meet my Baltimore Oriole.  I grew up in the DC suburbs and am a baseball fan.  Cal Ripken has always been one of my personal heroes =)  This was my first choice, but I realized the black print looks solid and figured I should make another.

Now meet my Red-wing Blackbird.  Every year we spent a week camping at the beach and I loved seeing this bird fly around the sagebrush.  Of course, I've taken a little license with the interpretation, but I love the comma fabrics and the large orange print does fit Mary's request.

Mary asked us this month what our life-long passion is. I honestly can't say I have a specific one.  In high school I loved sports, choir and theater, in college I was so focused on completing my degree I didn't do much else. Since I've become a mom my kids have been my focus.  I guess I've always been a crafter thanks to my mom and grandma, but it wasn't until just a couple of years ago now that I discovered my love of fabrics and quilting.

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Mary Huey said...

Looking forward to the arrival of these birds!!