Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hive #7 Birds Meet Yellow Bellied Toad Swallow and more...

I have been having a blast making birds for Mary Huey (Stashbee Hive #7), and the Block Lotto.  Sophie from the Block Lotto designed these cute and fun little blocks.  Mary chose them for her bee block for July.  Funny thing is that this month the Block Lotto is doing a "pet" swap.  The bird block qualifies so I made one for the Lotto as well.

Mary asked us to name our birds which was SO MUCH FUN so...

Meet Spooky Louie Chickadee (There may or may not be a haunted house on her belly.)

Meet Yellow Bellied Toad Swallow ( I think she swallowed a few toads.)

Oh, I made two of her.  This one is for the Block Lotto.

Meet Black Bottom Fluff Jay

Mary asked us what our life long passion is.  Hmm?  Well, it is definitely quilting in any form.  This passion just grows and I never tire of it.

I also have a passion, or maybe it is really a dream, to travel and see the world.   I have been a few places but there is so much more.

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Mary Huey said...

What fun!! Love the names and can't wait to add them to my growing flock!!