Thursday, July 9, 2015

July hive 8 block for Karyn

Here's my block for Karyn...the super cool book shelf quilt idea!!!
I have personally wanted to make one of these quilts for a long while. 
The idea just seems so overwhelming! What a great idea to chop it but as a bee block!! I'd never thought of that. You're genius my friend!!
I had lots of fun and some anguish over this block. First, it was fun and I really enjoyed myself... But... Probably for the same reason I don't make an entire quilt of these on my own, I was like a boat left adrift with no paddle... The options are ENDLESS!!!  
I knew from the start that a cool modernish clock is what I wanted. Then I set about to create such a thing with pencil to paper. I didn't want boxie and I'm happy with my result... Not too traditional... I hope. 
Then I was left with a brown clock on a black shelf... Time to accessorize! I looked to my own messy (ahem, cluttered) style for inspiration. Yep, nailed it.
Oh, and I picked after nine for the time thinking that after nine p.m. is the perfect time to cuddle in bed with a good book and ready oneself for a good night rest. 
Here's hoping I got what you were hoping for Karyn!!! Fingers crossed ☺️


dq said...

Oh how I absolutely love that block! You were creative and completely "nailed" the bookshelf theme.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I love this, especially the candlestick and clock. How did you sew the clock face??

Karyn said...

Amazing!!! You totally nailed it! I am so excited to add your block to my quilt. I laughed when you said I was genius. I think this type of quilt top needs lots of different input to make it authentic. I'd be too matchy matchy and my books would all lean the same way.... I'm SO excited to see all the creativity coming in! Maybe I should start a "bookcase" swap so we can master 1 block and make a dozen and then get a dozen differnt ones back LOL. Thank you for all your effort!