Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hive 3 July Blocks

Hi, Here are my blocks for Martina. I had fun with these, finding a lot of summery colors. The foundation paper is newsprint packing paper which worked out well. The blocks are still a little over-sized, so you can trim them as needed.

My machine is a Viking Designer I. Overall, it's a great machine. The needle up, adjustable feed dogs, and selection of stitches are great features. What I don't like - I should have taken the free classes when I purchased the machine. I feel like there are a lot of features that I don't take advantage of. Also,the needle position is not fully adjustable.

My dream machine would be a machine with a longer throat, and another lighter machine for taking to retreats and classes. Also, I would like to have 2 separate machines, so I could leave one set up for FMQ, and one for piecing. But overall, I'm pretty satisfied, so I'll stick with my current machine for a while.

Happy Summer!!

~ Laura

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