Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hive 6 July Block for Julia

Howdy from H-town!  I'm Summer, and I'm baking down here in the summer sun, trying to stay inside with the A/C whenever possible, only venturing out at dusk to walk the dogs, water plants, or mow the lawn.  Then, I can still see a few twinkling stars (or planets?) through the light pollution, but I think we should just replace that night sky with Julia's soon-to-be quilt, because it will be a beauty!
These little wonky stars were like potato chips - I couldn't stop eating making them!
Julia loves text and Kaffe Fassett prints.  I have both in my stash!
The Kaffe Fassett prints were given to me by my local bee friends for our Christmas swap one year and were used in my mom's happy quilt.  The text prints I bought because I've seen text used in a lot of quilty things online, but I've found that I only marginally like them.   Since one person's trash is another's treasure, I was very happy to use these fabrics for Julia's blocks!
Here's my fabric pull -
And here are the blocks!
The little guy on the right - I got carried away and reversed the sky and star colors!  So, Julia, if you need an Amish block for this quilt, there it is!
By the way, my local bee friends liked the block and thought it would be fun to do for a future block swap or charity quilt, so thanks to Julia for a great block!
Julia asked what fabric we find ourselves buying the most of, and I can answer it after a short shop hop with my local bee friends this past Saturday: blue.  After our second store, I told my friends, "just point me toward the blue fabrics!" since that's all it seemed that I wanted to buy!  It's just my favorite color, and I've made at least 5 blue quilts (though some are not quilted yet!).  I'm sure there will be more in my future! 
Until August, when the heat really gets turned up around here!

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