Friday, July 31, 2015

Hive 9 - July Block for Tiffany

I love the 5-Star block that Tiffany chose this month.  It really speaks to this Texan's heart!  Her directions were much easier to work with than the original tutorial, so I am glad that she provided those.  I am also glad she gave us the option of doing the gray/black and cream 9 Patch block.  There have been several large projects going in my sewing room and time just got away from me, even though I pulled my fabrics and printed the pattern right away.  So while there will be a star block, it will be posted and mailed after I return from vacation.  Time got away from me and I just don't have the time to finish it up.

I did get a 9 Patch block done though and will share that today.  The color combination was great and it was fun to put together.  It will be on its way to you tomorrow, with the star to follow later in August. 

Tiffany asked if we have always lived in the same area, or have we moved.  I've definitely moved my entire life.  Growing up I lived in 3 states (6 cities) and attended 9 schools before I finished high school.  Since getting married 38 years ago, we have lived in 4 states and 6 countries, for a total of 18 moves to date.  Retirement is on the horizon for us and I am not really sure how I will handle staying put.  It will definitely be a novel experience for me!

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