Thursday, May 25, 2017

Susan,  I made this playful and colorful.  I'll make a second that's a bit more mainstream and get them in the mail by tomorrow.

I also took pictures of my studio, a work in progress, it's a mess right now but will eventually be well organized and laid out.  We live in a 115 year old building and my studio was literally carved out of the second floor attic.


Susan said...

How cool to see how much space you have to create and I know you will one day get it the way you really want it. For those of us who have to clean up and put away on occasion, we envy a dedicated work space.
The blocks are perfect.

Thanks so much

Cheshire's Designs said...

Susan, I just hope the block wasn't too far out there for you. I will make you another if the colors don't work for you.

I'm so excited to someday have it all other half is a carpenter so my area is always last on the list.