Monday, May 8, 2017

May Block. Hive 3

While I immediately had a good time choosing fabrics for Susan's block choice, I didn't "get" The design until I was finished.  I mean, I knew how to make it easily, but I didn't understand her choice, all the fabrics looked kinda jumbled.  Then I finished and, DUH, there is an awesome square in the background, and That's why it was supposed to be a solid pop of color!!! D'oh!! I didn't see it, or more likely, never paid attention to it in the tutorial.  And now I love the block, Celtic Family Ties, too.  Here is mine:

And here is my sewing area, the back corner of the dining room.  The sewing machine is set on the table there at all times, unless company is dining with us.  My fabric stash, notions, and works in progress are slowly growing to take up more and more of the room.  We uh, need a bigger house lol. 

I'll mail this to you soon enough, Susan, I hope you like my wacky choices!


Susan said...

Yea, I am glad it made sense to you. I love your colors, and your sewing space. Lots of creative space. I have to get up to press seams too.

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