Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Who Sent These Lovelies ?!

I just want to show off these beautiful blocks sent to me by ??????    There was no return address or note, but the postmark is Charlotte, NC.  Thanks in advance for your help!

ETA:  Mystery solved!  These lovelies are from Mary Ann whose address label came off in transit.  Case closed!


Mary Ann said...

You got them early ... like the 5th-7th, right? The address label must have come off. Lesson learned. I keep trying to remember to post my picture. Sorry!! Your pattern was fun - can't wait to see how the quilt comes together.

Mary Ann said...

I'm sorry, Kimberly. I'm 98% sure these are mine. Mine would go out through Charlotte and I mailed mine about May 5 . I had a purple set and a red set. The return address must have come off. I thought I included a note but apparently I did not even include clear thinking!! May, 2017, Hive 6

Laundered Cotton said...

Thanks for replying so fast! Yes, I got them Monday the 8th. Thank you!