Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017 Block Tutorial for Hive 6

Hello, talented lovely ladies!

This should be easy-peasy extra-easy I hope.  Just a New York Beauty 30-point radiating star in sequenced ombre shades, eight-inches finished block size!

Okay.  If you didn't die from shock, then you'll be glad I'm joking.  What I'd like is a ..........

9-patch, 9.5 inches as mailed to me, to finish at 9 inches in the quilt.

And you get to pick the colors, except for 1, white, or white-on-white, or close to white-ish.

Won't that be pretty?!  I saw this photo on Instagram at the address of @instapamr who does lovely work; but there was no additional info about the block to give further credit to designer, etc.

Just choose one color you have plenty of in your stash or scrap bin, and use 8 squares of that color to surround a center white square, or a center square that 'reads' very light close to white.

Choose 8, or even as few as 5, different fabrics that read mostly one color family.  Prints, solids, blenders, batiks, repros, geometrics, moderns, novelties, a mix of all the above, anything goes.  Perhaps lean to the bright side, as this is destined as a charity children's quilt for an unknown gender.  Then add your 1 more square that reads white for the center square.

Starting with 3-1/2" squares bring this to 9-1/2" mailed to me and 9" when I sew the blocks to completion.  Here's an easy-to-understand free tutorial for those who'd like a refresher.  Feel free to "spin the seams" or not, even press them open if you like.

Basic 9-patch tutorial from Connecting Threads

I'll be out of town and without internet May 2 through 6.  I'm really sorry if you need me during that time for questions, but I promise to check right away upon return and get back to you.

Thank you so much for helping me with this charity project!

Happy May!

Kimberly a/k/a

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