Monday, May 1, 2017

Butterfly Charms for Jen in Hive 7

Hello Everyone! We've had some fun blocks recently and hopefully this one will continue the trend. Without further ado, I'm going to ask you to make teal, fuchsia and/or lime green butterflies for me! You can use different shades of each color (light teal and dark teal), 2 colors, or all 3. In other words, you don't have to use all 3 colors in your butterfly.

The pattern is by, and you can download the pdf files here! Pick any butterfly you like, for the tutorial, I did Pepper.

For the fabric:

Here's a pull idea for the greens, pinks, and teals, I'd like the colors to be intensely saturated, since they background will be a charcoal grey. The background is any medium to dark grey, it can be all one grey or scrappy. You'll need a tiny bit of black, or black on black, or really dark grey, as long as it pops from the background, you can use any dark.


1. Print out and cut up your foundation pieces, you can use any kind of paper, I just used normal printer paper.


2. The glue stick is optional, but I use it to stick the first piece to the template so it doesn't shift when I'm sewing. For each piece of the pattern, stick the fabric you picked for that section.


3. Use a card, or a stiff piece of junk-mail to help you trim. Line the card up with the line between 1 & 2, fold the paper over, and use your ruler to trim a 1/4 seam allowance. This is not completely necessary, but I find if I don't trim before I sew, I end up wasting a lot more or worse, misaligning my next piece and not fully covering the pattern. Do this with each pattern piece.


4. Adjust your stitch length to a much smaller stitch length, this helps later on when removing the paper. Line up piece 2 for each pattern piece, turn over and sew along the line between 1&2 on the pattern.


5. Press and trim as before...

6. Repeat for each piece until you have each piece sewn on. This is a front and back view of the completed pieces.


7. Sew piece A to B and D to E.

8. Press toward B and D, then sew remaining pieces.

9. Now you have 2 halves, sew them together, and press open!


10. Admire your gorgeous butterfly! The block should measure about 5.5". Don't worry if it's not perfect, I plan to trim them and add a boarder! Also, please leave the paper on the back. Thank you so much!!!


mumziepooh said...

Fun! I love paper piecing!

Laura VanVleet said...

Me too! Paper piecing is such fun and these butterflies are adorable!