Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hive Crash: Kitty Cats for Jan

Jan chose a cat block that is a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial for her block.  I've been thinking that this block might make a good choice for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so I jumped at the chance to test it out for myself.

I meant to do the cats facing different ways, but I can be directionally challenged.  By the time I figured out what I would need to do to make the cat face the other direction, I had already made that step and did them all the same.  Sorry, Jan, that these are a bit boring and all going the same way.

My tip for those who might want to make their cats face the other direction: piece the body unit second, not first.  The MSQC tutorial has you do the body first, but at that point, you are locked in. If you do the face/ear unit first, you can decide later how you want your cats to be.

I hope your daughter enjoys her cat quilt, Jan!

Emily, Hive 6

1 comment:

Jan aka StampQn said...

Thank you hive crasher! That is amazing. These kitties will fit right into the group. Isn't this just the easiest and fun block.