Thursday, May 25, 2017

May Block for Susan Hive 3

This was a fun little block to make and I finished it about a week or so ago but I've been really busy, so here I am posting today.  This will be a lively quilt Susan and I hope my block fits in well with the others.

     Susan also asked us to share a photo of our sewing space from the door.  Here's mine.   Susan's request spurred me to tidy up my sewing room.  It really needed a tidy up so I am happy she asked for the photo, although the room is starting to move back towards messiness now.

       I took the photo in the evening so the blind is drawn but you can see that the table is set up to get light at the sewing machine.  The quilts on the shelf are donation quilts for my guild, temporarily at my place and the baskets under the table are also filled with materials for our outreach committee, although some of my stash bee blocks from last year are in the left hand corner of the photo.

     I'll get the quilt block in the mail next week Susan!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Those colors made me smile, so did great picking happy colors. Can't wait to get all the blocks together. Your room looks like it's got a productive layout. Thanks for sharing it with us.