Monday, November 16, 2015

October block for Cyndi - Hive 5

Hi. Kelly here. I started out this year doing so well, getting all my blocks done right away... Then life happens and a new school year starts and holidays start up and work gets crazy and... well now it is mid November and I'm just posting my October block.

I actually took this photo a while back but am just now posting it. I did mail it last week at least so hopefully Cyndi will be getting it any day now. I hope she likes it.

Cyndi asked if we plan to sign up for Stash Bee 2016. Yes. And I want to work really hard on gettin everything done on time. The whole reason I signed up was to force myself to take a little time for myself once a month. Of course the last half of the year that didn't work out so well but I want it to be my goal for 2016. Plus everyone is so nice and I've learned so much.

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