Sunday, November 1, 2015

Julia's hive 6 tutorial for November

Hello lovely bee mates! It has been great sewing with you this year. My favorite color is orange and I only know of one other friend that shares this passion. For her and I, my plan is to make two vibrant quilts. Thanks in advance for your help 😉
Let's make it fast and fun shall we? This block might look familiar because it is similar to the block made by Sue for hive 2 in May. The inspiration is from a fabulous designer in Australia named Cita, visit her tutorial at My Poppet Makes . Just a few small changes . . .

The block (a few of my testers)

1 x 9-12" square-ish solid white or off white
 4 x about 12" strings of orange print fabric (a stip 2-4" wide and long enough to go along one side of your block)

Solid color options

Orangish fabric examples 

1. Take your square-ish fabric and sew a strip of orange along one edge.  Press with your preferred method.

2. Sew the next three strips of fabric along the remaining border edges of the no volume square of fabric. 

3. Trim the edges to be straight.  Here's what the block should look like at this point:

5.  Use a ruler to cut the block horizontally and vertically, so that you have four pieces. 

6. Sew the block back together with the orange corners on the inside. You will probably need to square up the corners as you go. 

7. Trim block to 12 inches square. 

And tada! Your block is done! 

For your last question for 2015: What was your favorite part of participating in the bee? 

Thank you so much for hanging in there for this last month!

Julia S. (one of the two in Hive 6)

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Michelle said...

I have just looked at my pictures I i realized I have sewn one of the blocks wrong I am so sorry