Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hive 7 November block for Rozsamaria

This is Carla (aka Granny Maud’s Girl), and my Stash Bee year is over. Well ... it will be when I finish my quilt top.

Our hive’s task for November was to make dark red and golden yellow blocks. I only had traditional fabrics in these colours, but I emailed a photo of what I had to our hive’s queen bee and she approved these choices.

I had many red fabrics but few in gold.
Apparently, the green leaves are not a problem, according to our November queen.
The Japanese maple leaf print was her choice. I think it might work with a Japanese carp print she already has used, but I will not mail the blocks until I get the all-clear that these are OK, just in case I need to unpick and replace that fabric.

We were asked to share our favourite quilt or quilted thing that we have made for:
  1. ourself
  2. others.
This is a difficult question to answer as I like most of what I make, so I am going to tell you what I have had the most fun making.

For myself, I have had the most fun making my Dear Jane quilt. I have been working on it for three years, and it is not yet finished. It has driven me batty at times, but I enjoyed the challenge of making all those daft, tiny blocks and proving that I could. I have just started hand quilting it this week.

For others, I have had the most fun being part of the Possum Magic group . Eight of us, spread across Australia and New Zealand, spent a year on a round robin project. Every quilt was different, and each project pushed me to try something new. It was a lot of fun, and I recommend trying a round robin if you have not done so already.

In my usual gatecrashing style, I made Helen in Hive 2 a courthouse step block incorporating selvedges. My chosen bright colour was aqua. Yvonne beat me to orange!

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