Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Hive 3 tutorial

November - Hive 3

Hi, I'm so excited it is my turn as Queen Bee. I had some trouble figuring out a block - the first one I picked took me absolutely forever to piece. So I gave up, and started again. Here is the tutorial for the block I have chosen - the block Ripples, originally created by Angie @gnomeangel for #thebeehivequilts. The link is here, with a very easy-to-follow tutorial -

Please use the colors pink, purple and red in the block, with a bright white background (not cream or grey)

This is not my usual color palette, so I'll be interested in how it turns out.

The blocks finish at 12.5 in square. Here is my finished block:

For my question, what is your retirement dream? 

Happy stitching,

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mumziepooh said...

Hey girl! Looks like you want the colors just randomly placed in the block so it looks sort of scrappy - am I right?