Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hive Nine - October Block for Rose

As you will see tomorrow when my tutorial posts, I am a sucker for star blocks and Rose's was no exception! So pretty! :) It is WAY more pieces than I am used to but still, I love the overall look of how it turned out :)

As for quilting, I started as a quilter just three years ago, motivated by the birth of my second child as the desire to create hand made items for my little ones :) I wanted to be able to create and all my knitting projects were a mess of dropped stitches and tangled skeins, so I tried quilts! :) So now, several years later and a fairly adept freeform quilter (clearly, as this Stash Bee has taught me, I could use some improvement on my "using a pattern" skills!) I am just now starting to foray into making clothing, costumes and other sewing projects beyond quilting. Wish me luck! :)

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Rose Braun said...

Hi Erin,
I see you posted this but I have not received it yet. I received your fabric a couple of weeks ago. I hope it isn't lost in the mail.
Thanks Rose