Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nov Hive 8 blocks

Hopefully this blog post will contain the photos of the blocks I have stitched for Jacqueline.  I have made many issues trying to get the photos into my posts.  This new MAC computer is not making adding photos an easy task for me.  I do hope to someday master this task.  Eureka we have a photo!

These blocks can be totally addicting and are super easy when made with precut charm squares.  I hope these blocks will play well with the others that you have received.
You asked about traditions that may be special or unique to our families.  As a child my grammy always made the stuffing/dressing for the turkeys for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  When I was in college and my grammy was getting up in years (70+), I asked one Thanksgiving to help her and then acquired the family secret recipe for the dressing.  Since that time (40+ years)I have made that dressing and have passed the recipe along to any family member who has asked and still most members of our family make grammy stuffing.  My family is French but the stuffing eats like an Italian meatloaf with lots of extra celery, olives, tomato sauce and shredded dry bread.  The bread is torn and never cut.  The turkey used to be stuffed so tight that the breast would split and my grandpa always said that was a very good sign of a great turkey.  Nowadays we just cook the dressing in another casserole dish and cook the turkey unstuffed.

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Jacque T said...

Oh Celeste, the blocks are beautiful!! Thank you! I am sure they will all play wonderfully together! What a great tradition you share!! I smiled the whole time reading it!! What a wonderful way to honor your grandmother. I am sure she is smiling down at you! Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks again! Hugs, Jacqueline