Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hive 1 blocks for Lyssa and Bev

Due to extenuating circumstances, I sent both blocks this month. Here are the blocks I made for Lyssa:

I really had a great time highlighting some of her interests.

and for Bev:

Lyssa asked where in my hometown I'd take her if she visited... I live in San Jose, California. We have lots of great hiking around the valley that result in awesome views of the valley. Plenty of great local wineries as well! Specifically, we like Picchetti and Ridge.

Bev, as far as favorite color combination, I'm really excited about my swoon project in navy, lime, teal and aqua (with low volume background). I worked on the fabric pull for quite a while before I decided just what to do with it. It's a slow moving project (giant block with tons of pieces!), but I look forward to having it done. It'll be the largest guest quilt in the house. :-)

It was so much fun participating in Stash Bee this year. A great big THANK YOU to Alison for organizing our hive and the whole group!

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Bev said...

Thanks for the GORGEOUS block Sarah! I love it! Can't wait to put all my blocks together!