Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hive 8 November block for Jacqueline

Hello there from Western Wisconsin! I have so enjoyed sewing for you all! I can't believe we are coming to the end of this year, it has been so fun!!

The block I would like for you all to make is the Japanese X & + block. It comes together quickly and the inspiration for this block is this amazing quilt from Karen - Capitolaquilter. I have dreams of having my own some day!  This quilt is so inspiring to me!!

The tutorial is listed below from the badskirt. The link to the tutorial is here:

The instructions on this quilt are very clear. with lots of pics to guide you along the way.

You may use ANY combination of colors you like. Please make sure there is good contrast between your colors. Here are the blocks I have made using this tutorial. I have made some, but need more to be able to finish this project. If you would like to make more then one feel free to, it would be greatly appreciated!

My question for you all is this, with the Holiday season quickly approaching, what is your fondest memory or a tradition you have in your family that is special to you?

In my family, it is this, my mother is German so on Christmas Eve once it got dark we kids all had to go upstairs and lock ourselves in a room  together and while us kids were up there the Christ Child would come. We were up there for 20-45 minutes depending on the year. We weren't allowed to see the Christ Child, but when he left, a bell would ring to let us know it was okay to come down. When we came down, all the lights would be shut off and real candles would be burning on the Christmas tree and an Austrian Children's Choir would be playing in the backgroud and it was magical. There were gifts under the tree that weren't there before, bowls full of fruit and goodies and we would be read the Christmas story. I could go on, but that is a very brief rundown and we still do this today. I am still considered one of the kids as we go to my mom's house still! :)

Thank you for all your efforts for making the block. I truly appreciate it!!


audrey said...

Oh, this is so nostalgic for me! I asked for this block in the very first bee in which I participated! Can't wait to make one for you! :)

Melodee said...

Love love love this!! So wonderful that this is our final block. What a great choice!! I'm so excited to get to pick such a great variety of prints!!