Monday, November 30, 2015

Block for Rozsamaria Hive 7

We got to do a quilt valor block for Rozsamaria! I do not usually have these colors in my stash, but I dug really deep and I hope what I have here will work.

This is the only gold and crimson color that I had in my stash. 

The question of the month is: What is your favorite quilt you have quilted for yourself and the second is what is your favorite quilt you quilted for someone else?

I have to say the most favorite thing I have quilted for myself would be a quilt be my halloween quilt that I did and had help with my beehive blocks from The Bees Knees a Quilting Bee. It was super fun to see it come together.

The quilt I made for my husband has to be my favorite so far. Also had help with my bee blocks from the same quitting bee I mentioned up above. I got to surprise him last christmas and it was super fun!

Thanks for you a great year! I'm still trying to finish up my quilt tops I just haven't had a chance to complete yet. :) 

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