Monday, November 23, 2015

November Hive 4 block for Andrea

Laura here with Andreas's pumpkin blocks, take# 1.  Yes, I had to remake them after I re-read the directions and noticed that I had trimmed them to 8".  No worries, they are quilted and waiting for binding and will make the most adorable pot holders for Thanksgiving.  Andrea, yours are similar but I forgot to take a new picture of take #2 before sealing them in the envelope. 

My favorite holiday memory is going to get a Christmas tree with my brothers.  We surprised our parents who were traveling home from my dad's stay in the hospital two hours from home.  Little did we know that we had chosen the proverbial "Charlie Brown tree" as the needles began dropping on the packages under the tree a few days after we put it up.  We took it down and got another one because we could not turn the lights on for fear of fire. We still talk about it years later when we are together.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for making these! I look forward to putting all the pumpkins together