Monday, November 16, 2015

Andrea's November Hive 4 Block

This month Andrea ask us to make pumpkins blocks. They were really fun and easy to make . I hope you enjoy the blocks. our question from Andrea was want our favorite holiday tradition was. when me and my husband first got married and had our  daughter Amanda we bought her a ornament so we had this huge tree with just the one ornament. Each year we added her one ornament to the tree and any that she made at school and when my son came along we have added his. It ornament represent a activity or something they accomplished in that year. We now do that with our 2 grandsons. My plan was  each year ,regift  one of their ornaments  back  them for when they started their own tree. I will save my daughters ornaments for my grandson when they get older and hopefully in the far  future my son will settle down with his own family and I will be able to gift them to him. Sorry for the sideways picture wanted to get these pictures posted and in the mail before the holiday.

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