Friday, November 6, 2015

Hive 2 November Block for Helen (from Yvonne)

It is hard to believe that with making and shipping this block, my year in Hive 2 of the Stash Bee has come to a close. This month, Helen @Midget Gem Quilts requested a courthouse step block incorporating selvages.

Helen asks this month, "Speaking of mistakes, my question is when you make a mistake do you wing it and incorporate it or sigh, throw it away and start again?" It really depends on what I am doing and why, but I have to admit to a rather high perfectionist streak and tendency... so I am apt to seam rip and re-do just about anything. After deliberating, of course!

Thanks so much to our hive mama, Caroline, and the wonderful ladies in my hive Hive 2 this year. I had such a good experience that I have signed up and hope to be participating again in 2016!

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