Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August Hive 3 Finished Block

This block is for Debbie.  I had a lot of fun making this block - I love the colors, so hopefully you do too!

August 2015 Hive 3

As for the question - who or what inspired me to begin sewing?  I did 4H for about 5 minutes in 4th grade and liked it, but then we moved to an area that didn't have it.  My home ec apron in 6th grade made me never want to sew again.  My mom had sewn when I was younger but had stopped by the time I was old enough to have learned.  So, I ended up picking it up for myself about 5 years ago and took a couple lessons at the "local" quilt store that was about 2 hours away.  I haven't stopped sewing since!


mumziepooh said...

Ah! Pink! Green! Elephants! Perfect! I love it!!! Thank you!!!

mumziepooh said...

It's even prettier in real life - I love it! Thank you so much!