Friday, August 28, 2015

Hive 7, August Block for Carla, from Helen Hive 2

I "met" Carla in Blogland, she very kindly left me some comments on my blog when Stash Bee 2015 started way back in January.  I blog in a very small way, sew for fun, not too many followers, blog in when I can, you know the type of thing, so I was delighted when Carla sought me out.

She has also very kindly bee hopped a number of times, all in all Carla seems a thoroughly "good sort" so I thought I would make her a block.

Carla, aka Granny Maud's Girl, asked for "wishy washy" colours reminiscent of the sea, 16 x 4" squares to include at least 1 pinwheel. So, here it is. I left the stronger lavender on the corner in case she wants to unpick it.

block for Carla
Carla and I also share a love of family stories, genealogy, and we both understand how people's eyes glaze over when you begin to tell them how fascinating this! Are you still awake?....

Helen x

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