Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hive 4 August block for Chiska

Hi, it's Laura with this month's block for Chiska. I have a cathedral window quilt that was given to me several years ago as a gift.  My girls call it the x-ray quilt because it is so heavy to sleep under.   I always thought I would make one, but I really struggled with this block and even though I finally figured it out, I no longer have this quilt on my bucket list. Haha I had a hard time deciding on the pop of color and sent these with the block. I hope you can use them.  I cannot wait to see the finished quilt!

Chiska asked about our favorite pattern for making baby quilts.  My go-to baby quilt is simple patchwork.

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Chiska said...

Sorry it was a struggle! Your block looks great!