Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Flying geese for Shauna (Hive 9)

Instead of a goose, there is a cuckoo in the nest.

Yes, I am not actually part of Hive 9. I belong to Hive 7, but as I am queen bee this month in my own hive and have nothing to do, I made Shauna a couple of blocks.

This was my first attempt at the no-waste-four-geese-at-a-time method. I made one block using the trim down measurements Shauna gave and one block using the exact cut measurements. Normally, I like to cut big and trim, but there is a technical problem when you do that: an extra flap of fabric that you then have to unpick stitches to remove. With this method, I found cutting exactly worked better.

Did anyone else cut big and find this happened to them?

This was the first new-to-me method from Stash Bee this year, and I like trying new things.

My favourite easy quilt pattern is just squares – lots of scrappy squares. I do not need a pattern, they are easy to sew and I get to play with fabric colours, which is the most fun part. I also love other easy one-block quilts, like triangles and thimbles.

Carla (aka Granny Maud’s Girl)


Tiff Blakey said...

I think that measurement was wrong. I've made other no waste geese that I trimmed down, and didn't end up with the silly little flap. I think the sky squares were supposed to be 4", not 4.5". My notes, from another project, are packed, or I would've looked them up.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Thanks, Tiff. That makes sense!

Shauna said...

I wouldn't put it past me to have a typo, but thanks so much for the blocks they are awesome!!!