Friday, August 7, 2015

August Block for Chiska

Hello Everyone, this is Diana from Red Delicious Life. I hope your August is going well so far. I was so excited when Chiska asked us to make cathedral window blocks!  It's been on my wish-list to make ever since I started quilting 3 years ago. It was high time I tackled this and I'm pretty pleased with my results.

Now that I've made one and know that I can do it, I plan to make another one into a pincushion. Thanks for building up my confidence Chiska! As for your question about go-to patterns for babies -- I don't really have one. The very first quilt I ever made was for my son, and I made it up as I went along. I tend to go to pinterest for inspiration and take it from there.

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Chiska said...

I know I told you already, but I love it! It looks so awesome. I'm glad that it was fun too.